Bugle Calls From

the Civil War

November Meeting of the Litchfield GAR Civil War Roundtable

Thursday, November 12th at 1:30pm

Litchfield Opera House

Advance RSVP Required

William Crowder will showcase music from a bygone era with Bugle Calls from the Civil War. Crowder will explain, and demonstrate, how the infantry, artillery and calvery units used unqiue Bugle calls to speak to one another from the battlefield. He will also have several bugles from the era on display, and encourages guests to talk a closer look.

William Crowder has been a Civil War reenactor since 2001, specifizing in all things "Bugle." He initially picked up the instrument as a hobby, but after learning about its importance during the Civil War, began to intensely study the calls and their meanings. Crowder currently volunteers as the bugler for the 2nd Minnesota Light Artillery based in Red Wing, Minnesota. 

What: Litchfield GAR Civil War Roundtable

Date: Thursday, Nov 12th. 1:30 - 3pm

Cost: $3 guest admission. Free for members of the Roundtable

Location: Litchfield Opera House

Beverages and snacks are included

Rules for Meeting In-Person

  • Masks must be worn when inside the building

  • Chairs will be spaced six feet apart

  • Coffee and light appetizers will be served, we ask that guests wait to enjoy them until seated

  • We ask that, following the conclusion of the presentation, guests exit and mingle outdoors

  • Guests must RSVP before November 12th. They may do so by calling or emailing the Museum, or by clicking on the "Add to Card" button. If you need to renew your membership, we encourage you to do so online.

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