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The Plummer Brothers in the Civil War

May Meeting of the Litchfield GAR Civil War Roundtable

Vince Bergdale (aka: Harley) will tell, in First Person persona, the journey of a soldier in the Civil War to life as a veteran and member of the Grand Army of the Republic, the largest  veterans' organization after the war. Follow its humble beginnings through the height of the GAR's influence. Teresa Bergdale (Patience) relates how the desire to help veterans gives rise to the Women's Relief Corps and their involvement in Old Soldiers Homes and bringing the Pledge of Allegiance and the U.S. flag into public schools.

Known in the reenacting community as Harley & Patience, Vince & Teresa Bergdale have been involved in living history/reenactment for 30 years. Eventually, Minnesota history became their passion and in 2001, they reactivated  Company C, 5th Minnesota Infantry. The story of the Civil War veterans closely parallels many of the experiences of today's veterans which brought to focus the Grand Army of the Republic and their official auxiliary, the Women's Relief Corps. They have found that telling this history as members of the organizations in 1895, adds a more human element than mere dates & facts.

What: Litchfield GAR Civil War Roundtable

Date: Thursday, May 14th. 1:30pm - 3pm

Cost: $3 guest admission. Free for members of the Roundtable

Beverages and snacks are included