Witness famed Lincoln impersonator Bryce Stenzel, acting as the 16th President, describe his role in determining the guilt or innocence of the 303 Dakota Indians sentenced to be executed in the aftermath of the US/Dakota War of 1862, with emphasis given on how difficult it was for Lincoln to arrive at his final decision to pardon 265 and execute 38, in the nation's largest mass execution at Mankato, Minnesota.

Bryce Stenzel is a history teacher by trade, but has used his talents (and striking physical resemblance) to bring Abraham Lincoln back to live with performances in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Washington, D.C, and at Gettysburg National Cemetery in Pennsylvia. On President's Day 2009, Stenzel resided the Gettysburg Address (from memory) to the Minnesota House of Representatives. Following his presentation will be an informal Q&A session between Stenzel and MCM Director, Bayley Schluter.

To purchase advance tickets, call the Museum at 320-693-8911 or use the link below.

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