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Why does the Meeker County Museum need support? Because our stories matter. 

Since the GAR Hall became the home of the Meeker County Museum, thousands of visitors have walked through this unique building. Meeker County is compromised of individual stories, stories that must be preserved and shared or they will be lost. One of the first decisions made by the 99 founding members of Frank Daggett Post No. 35 was to create an agreement with the City government that would ensure the survival of the building. The dedication of these men shines at the GAR Hall.

When an addition was added to the rear of the Hall in 1960, the Mission of the Post expanded to include an education on the history of Meeker County. The additional space showcases the stories of Meeker County's veterans, business owners, farmers, students, community leaders, and much more. Today, the Meeker County Museum is dedicated to not only preserving one of the last GAR Hall's in Minnesota, but also the stories of Meeker County.

But we can't do it alone. Preserving a 130-year-old building and it's thousands of artifacts is no small task. We've been working towards updating our collections practices; which includes adapting to new technology and redesigning our collections storage to meet the needs of our growing collection of priceless artifacts.

There is still work to be done though. We need your support to continue meeting the Mission set by our Founders. Consider donating or gifting this season.

Thank you for your past and future support.

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