Milliken's Bend: A Civil War Battle in History and Memory

August Meeting of the Litchfield G.A.R Civil War Roundtable

Thursday, August 12th at 1:30pm
Meeker County Museum/Virtual

Milliken’s Bend may be the most important battle you’ve never heard of. What happened there on June 7, 1863, just a few miles north of Vicksburg, would prove to have outsized significance both during the war, and beyond. Its initial importance came from the fact that Union forces were composed almost entirely of newly-recruited former slaves, who fought valiantly against a Confederate assault. Controversy soon followed concerning Confederate treatment of POWs,  eventually prompting a Congressional investigation which led to the breakdown of prisoner exchanges.

Linda Barnickel is an author and archivist with masters degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and The Ohio State University. Her 2013 book, Milliken's Bend: A Civil War Battle in History and Memory received the Jules and Frances Landry Award from LSU Press for "the most outstanding contribution to Southern studies" and the A. M. Pate Jr. Award from the Fort Worth Civil War Round Table for "outstanding research and writing" on the Trans-Mississippi theatre of the war. It was hailed as "Stellar" by Civil War Times and On-Point: The Journal of Army History  called it a "significant contribution" and a "must-read."

Note: Attendees to this event will watch Barnickel present virtually from her home in Tennessee. Anyone who wishes to also attend virtually can say so when purchasing a "Guest Admission ticket below.