Group Tours

Do you enjoy guided tours, filled with facts that are special to our expert staff and volunteers? Do you have a large gathering in the future, and need to plan some unique activities? Look no further than the Meeker County Museum at the GAR Hall! Not only is our Museum housed within a fully restored 130-year-old building, but we have two stories full of unique exhibits that tell the story of Meeker County. An expert staff member or volunteer will guide you through the building, add extra details to each exhibit, and share historical tidbits that are special to them. Use the form below (or give us a call) to book your group tour today!

- Group Tours are $4/person

- Groups must have a minimum of 8 people

- Groups can be smaller, but will be asked to pay the $32 minimum fee

- Call the Museum at 320-693-8911 or email staff@meekercomuseum.org with any questions

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