Membership with the Meeker County Museum directly supports our outreach efforts. In late 2018, we brainstormed ways to make local history more captivating to local residents to who don't often visit, students, and young families. A local teacher volunteered her time to help us create engaging activities that would make field trips more memorable for elementary school students. Our school event, "Musicals in the Hall" gave us the opportunity to partner with theater groups in the area and to host an event that was nontraditional for a history museum. Our seasonal scavenger hunts (ornaments during the Holidays, pumpkins in October) has successfully given young children a fun activity at the Museum when they don't have school.

What separates the MCM from other nonprofits in the area is our Mission. Not only are we charged with caring for a 130-year-old, one-of-a-kind building, but we also share and preserve the stories of the entire County. Many of you reading this are long-time residents, or are related to or know someone who is. You know how unique these stories are, and you understand why is it important for these stories to be preserved and shared with future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a Business or Nonprofit Organizational Member, you can download the form here and mail in back to the Museum. Or feel free to call us at 320-693-8911

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