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Share Your Story

How often do we get a chance to preserve a historical event, while that event is occurring? The COVID-19 Outbreak of 2020 is an unprecedented moment in time that will taught in history classes for generations, and you have the opportunity to tell your story. The Meeker County Museum is asking for contributions to our collection with your photos and journal entries taken during quarantine.
What are we looking for? Photos of business's closed signs, photos of your children home schooling, an entry about your feelings towards the government's response or describing how you stayed connected with loved ones. It's the personal touch, the first-person testimony, that brings any historical event to life. 100 years from now, people will ask how Meeker County lived through this outbreak? Use the form below to answer that question.
Share Your Story

Want to send a photo or pre-written document? Send an email with your name, age and town you live in to

Thanks for helping us preserve the Stories of Meeker County!

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