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Greenleaf Township

Greenleaf Township was named for William Greenleaf, an early settler, county official, and state legislator. He was also the founder of a village of the same name in Ellsworth Township. Greenleaf Township was first settled in 1856 when George Orcuth and Mr. Pratt began working the land. They had tilled about three acres when one of their oxen was killed by the Dakota Indians. Spooked by the confrontation, the two decided at to move on. The land sat mostly empty until 1859, when a new group of immigrants came and established the township. The Star Lake Creamery, known for its prize-winning butter, was located in Strout settlement from 1893-1945.  Lakes located in Greenleaf Township include Lake Minnie Belle, Coombs Lake, Lake Harding, Hoosier Lake, Goose Lake, Evenson Lake, and Star Lake.

The village of Strout, in Greenleaf Township, was named after Capt Strout, a leader in the US-Dakota War of 1862
Star Lake Creamery in Greenleaf Township, Meeker County, MN.
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