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Uprising - A Novel

Author: Dean Urdahl

"In Uprising, Dean Urdahl has crafted a story of Minnesota's 'war within a war' in the Minnesota River Valley during the autumn of 1862. His saga is enriched by unfolding...on an even broader background beginning with the bloody battle of Shiloh in the spring on 1862 and carrying his main character, Nathan Thomas, from there to Minnesota where he participates in an extraordinary number of adventures during the six-week ethic earthquake variously known as the Sioux Uprising, the Dakota Conflict, and the
Dakota War...Steeped in the history and lore of the area in which he lives and knows well, Urdahl has given us an absorbing story about human tragedy, heroism, and survival by ordinary folks on a grand scale during a clash of cultures whose legacy still lives with us today.
      - Russell Fridley, Past Executive Director of the Minnesota Historical Society

Page Count: 418 
Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" tall (paperback)

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